How to choose the right rug shape and size?
So you want to buy a new rug? Are you procrastinating about the right size, shape, or colour? We have helped clients so many times and want to share with you room-by-room tips to help you on your home design journey.

We are passionate about unique and contemporary home designs. Sivana rugs can either be the finishing touch that your room has been waiting for or can inspire a whole new design and style for a particular space in your home. We believe they will look their best on tiled or wooden floors, however the colours against a neutral carpet also look fabulous.

Our handcrafted cotton Dhurrie rugs are unique, simple yet stunning in colour and craftsmanship. You can choose from the many colours, designs and sizes that we have in stock or create your own bespoke rug from an extensive range of vibrant colours and patterns to suit your style.

We have sourced the most unique rugs, showcased in our speed shipping collection. We also create bespoke rugs, tailored to your own space, design and colour requirements, so when your rug is delivered and unrolled, it will fit perfectly in your home, like you have designed it yourself.

Deciding on the perfect rug – The Winning Formula
Your rug pulls together your living space

The size and shape of your room will dictate the size and shape of the rug. Your rug should reflect, emphasise and extenuate the dimensions of your room EG. a long room orientation is matched with a long rug. It should pull the room together, not chop it up.

Visualize the final look
Use masking/decorator’s tape to represent the shape and size of your rug in the room. This helpful tip is an easy way to check that you have the right fit from every view point.

Rug Sizing by Room

The first step in your mission to find the perfect right rug size, is to consider both the size of your space and the furniture layout—measuring each as a first step. We have made some suggestions for the different rooms in your home.

Entry Space
As your visitors are welcomed into your home a rug can create a vibrant welcome to your home. All hallways are different and the rug selection is based on the shape of the space, if the door opened into the space be sure to check pile height.

Runners are the obvious choice for corridors, this , together with a clutter free space this will extend any hall way or corridor.

A strategically placed runner is ideal for a galley kitchen or large kitchen island . Small rugs also work well just by sink areas too.

Living Room
Your room shape and furniture layout will determine your rug size, shape and positioning to make your space look larger and seamlessly connected. If you have a layout with a sofa on the rug it should extend at least 5 to 6 inches either side to give it visual balance.

All Furniture on the Rug

This layout requires a large rug, works the best for an open plan space, it is based on no furniture against the walls. The rug unifies the furniture and bringing together the seating area.

Front Legs on the Rug
This layout options works well if one edge of furniture is against the wall. Consistency is key here. Think about just having the front legs of the chairs on the rug achieving a balanced look.

Coffee Table on the Rug

If you have narrow or small space this layout will make it feel larger. To get the layout right the rug space needs to be based on the space inside the seating area, not just the table size so it fills the empty space, pulling together the seating area.

Dining Room
The size/shape of your dining area and most certainly the shape of your dining table will help you make a clear choice here whether yours is round or rectangle.

All Legs on the Rug
The main advice here is ensure that all legs are on the table.

The rug should extend well beyond the table, ensuring the chairs sit on a flat surface, even when they are pushed back. Also remember to plan for using your extendable leaf part of your table, if you do have one.

Here are 3 different options to consider for bedrooms depending on the size and shape of the room all of which provide a soft landing as you start your days.

If you have a large room you can opt for a large rug, consider having all furniture legs on the rug, providing a base, framing the bed and side tables from the headboard and beyond the foot of the bed.

Another option is to have the rug 2/3 up the bed, just in front of the bedside table, running about 1 foot beyond the base of the bed.

Finally, the flexible choice for all room and bed sizes is the runner option at either side of the bed. A helpful tip here is not to have the runner going longer than the bed and have the runner slightly wider than the bedside table.